UK advances its views at e-cig summit attended the third annual E-Cigarette Summit at the Royal Society in London, which provided an evidence based perspective on the public health issues raised by the growing popularity of e-cigarettes.

Scientists, researchers and high-profile commentators and vape activists from around the world attended, to discuss the issue of how public health should respond to the exponential growth of e-cigarettes.

They remains a contentious issue and continue to divide scientists, policy makers and health professionals alike. didn’t see any obvious anti-vaping activists or proponents at the event.

High-ranking civil servants and administrators shared the podium with scientists, researchers and high-profile commentators and vape activists from around the world.

They collectively presented a blizzard of diverse and comprehensive presentations covering science, regulation and public health to around 300 delegates representing almost the full spectrum of concerned parties in the vaping community.

The UK has possibly the most advanced understanding of e-cigarettes of any nation in the world, having invested heavily in scientific and relatively balanced research on all aspects of vaping. Recent supportive announcements by Public Health England, Action on Smoking and Health and the Royal Society of Public Health have been taken on board and action is being implemented.

The UK’s position on vaping is having a growing impact on the debate in many countries, including Asian nations where the issue of regulating or banning e-cigarettes is a hot topic.

Study authors and researchers, including Professors Peter Hajek, Konstantinos Farsalinos and Riccardo Polosa, all re-affirmed that vaping is 95 percent or more safer than smoking, and that vaping is the most effective tool in the tobacco harm reduction arsenal with negligible take-up by non-smokers.

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