The END SMOKING NZ group in New Zealand has released a useful three-page leaflet giving useful hints for smokers keen to try, or uncertain about, taking up e-cigarettes as a means of getting away from smoking cigarettes.

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Among the useful advice for smokers is a guide to vaping: “Nicotine is not the harmful component of smoking – tar and carbon monoxide and other cancer causing toxins in smoke are the killers. If a person wants to eventually stop using nicotine, they can wean themselves off by stepping down to a lower strength nicotine e-liquid.

“First they need to get used to vaping and keep using nicotine until vaping has totally replaced smoking and they feel confident that they are not at risk of relapsing to smoking. This could take anything from 3 months to 2 years until they feel confident of not returning to smoking.”

End Smoking NZ “not only promotes quitting smoking, but also promotes switching to less dangerous products.”