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Percentage adult smokers
WHO reported male smoking rate at 47.9%, female smoking rate 1.4% for a total of 23.8 current tobacco smokers in its 2013 report on Vietnam.

LHP status (legality, availability etc)
E-cigarettes are legal but have not been widely adopted domestically


Tobacco products are levied taxes amounting to 41.6% of the retail price as of May, 2013, according to figures published by SATCA which mirrors WHO research.

Price of a pack

A pack of 20 sticks of the most popular brand in Vietnam cost US$1.65 in 2013 (ref)

Illicit trade

An estimated 20.7% of all cigarettes consumed in Vietnam in 2013 were illicit, according to Oxford Economics.


Graphic and text health warnings are required to cover 50% of the pack. Plain packaging has not been reported to be under consideration in Vietnam