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Percentage adult smokers

16% of adult Singaporeans were reported to be smokers in The Singapore Mental Health Study (SMHS) conducted between December 2009 and December 2010. The 2013 WHO report places the figure at 16.3%.

LHP status (legality, availability etc)

E-cigarettes are banned in Singapore (ref). For more information on e-cigarette laws and regulations in Singapore and elsewhere, this site provides some insight, although cannot vouch for accuracy or currency.


In 2013, the tax on a pack of cigarettes accounted for 69% of the total retail price. In 2014, excise tax collected on tobacco products was raised by 10%. To compare tax rates on a country by country basis, this WHO site, although somewhat out of date, provides some insight.

Price of a pack

A pack of 20 cigarettes in Singapore costs around SG$12-13.

Illicit trade

Singapore has a relatively high percentage of illicit cigarettes, accounting for 19.6% of total consumption 2013 according to Oxford Economics.

Packaging and labelling requirements

Graphic and text health warnings cover 50% of the front and 50% of the back of all packs. Overall, health warnings cover 50% of the packaging. A “public consultation” is planned for the end of 2015 as the government considers implementing plain packaging regulations similar to those imposed in Australia (ref).

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