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Percentage adult smokers

According to the most recent WHO statistics, 28.3% of adult Filipinos were smokers in 2012.

LHP status (legality, availability etc)

Currenty, e-cigarettes are available and legal in the Philippines, although the government is considering regulating the import and sale of these devices.


The Philippines has a complicated, multi-tiered approach to taxing cigarettes and tobacco products. As of 2013, taxes accounted for 28.8% of the retail price of a pack of the most popular brand of cigarettes, according to the most recent WHO Country Reports. The government has mandated a 4% increase on the specific tax rate every year from 2014 (ref: BIR).

Price of a pack

A pack of 20 premium cigarettes currently costs around PHP60.

Illicit trade

Since raising the taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products significantly in 2013, the Philippines has seen illicit trade increase dramatically. Oxford Economics shows the volume of tax unpaid and counterfeit sales rose to 18.1% of total consumption in 2013.


Currently, text warnings cover 30% of the front a cigarette pack. By 2016, graphic health warnings will be required, covering 50% of the front and back of a pack. Plain packaging has not been reported to be under consideration.


There is no government helpline currently available for smokers looking for help to quit