This is how the market looks in


Myanmar (Burma)

percentage adult smokers
According to a WHO report, 22% of the adult population smoked regularly in 2012, while 29.6% used other forms of tobacco. Many Burmese chew betel quid with tobacco. Cheroots are also popular.

LHP status (legality, availability etc)
Currently availability and domestic uptake of e-cigarettes is limited and there are no restrictions or regulations regarding the sale or import of e-cigarettes.

Taxes account for 50% of tobacco product retail prices.

price of a pack

Imported cigarettes sell for less than US$3. Local brands and cheroots are much cheaper.

Illicit trade

An estimated 22% of total sales of cigarettes in Myanmar were illicit in 2013, according to Oxford Economics.


Graphic health warnings are not currently used on cigarette packs sold in Myanmar. Text warnings are required. Plain packaging has not been reported to be under consideration.