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Percentage adult smokers
According to the most recent poll conducted by Japan Tobacco (JT), 19.7% of Japanese adults smoke

LHP status (legality, availability etc)
Japan Tobacco, the leading tobacco company in Japan, has introduced a number of non-combustible tobacco products to consumers. (ref). For more information on e-cigarette laws and regulations in Japan and elsewhere, this site provides some insight, although cannot vouch for accuracy or currency.


Taxes account for around 60% of the total price of a pack of cigarettes in Japan. To compare tax rates on a country by country basis, this WHO site, although somewhat out of date, provides some insight.

Price of a pack

After the consumption sales tax was raised to 8% on April 1, 2014, a pack of 20 cigarettes costs between 430 to 460 yen.

Illicit trade

Due to the relatively low price of cigarettes in Japan, compared to other countries in the region, Japanese consumer preferences and the fact that distribution of tobacco products is strictly controlled, illicit trade is currently reportedly negligible.

Packaging and labelling requirements

Japan requires text health warning s to appear on packs, As of 2005, at least 2 of 8 possible text warnings cover at least 30% of the front and back of packaging. Japan is not considering plain packaging for cigarettes

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