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Percentage adult smokers

According to WHO, in 2012 14% of India’s adult population smoked – although many of these used bidis or other variants rather than conventional cigarettes. The statistics show that 25.9% of the adult population used smokeless tobacco variants.

LHP status (legality, availability etc)

E-cigarettes are legal but largely unregulated in India


According to WHO, central government taxes represented around 43.1% of the total retail price of a pack of cigarettes in 2012.

price of a pack

WHO lists the price of the most popular brand of cigarette at INR98, with imported brands costing around INR116.

Illicit trade

Accurate figures are hard to find, but a Euromonitor report estimated that in 2013 illicit trade in cigarettes amounted 16% of total cigarette sales and was expected to rise to around 23% over the following several years.


As of 2014, 85% of the front and back of a pack is covered with graphic and text health warnings

Plain Packaging

Not currently under consideration


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