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Percentage adult smokers

According to WHO, 28.1% of China’s adult population were smokers in 2012.

LHP status (legality, availability etc)

Despite being the world’s leading manufacturer of e-cigarettes, e-liquid is currently illegal. E-cigarettes are however widely available throughout China.


According to WHO, taxes account for around 40% of the retail price of a pack of cigarettes, but in May 2015 the government raised tax from 5 to 11 percent on a pack.

price of a pack

The most popular brand in China retails for RMB5. Top tier brands can cost far more however.

Illicit trade

Accurate figures for domestic illicit trade in tobacco products are hard to come by. However, China is regarded as the largest producer of counterfeit cigarettes in the world, and some of these products find their way into the domestic market. Demand for imported cigarettes, the legal importation of which is restricted, has created a thriving black market for popular imported brands.


Currently, text warnings cover 30% of a cigarette pack.

Plain Packaging

Not being considered currently.


There is no official government quitline