Coming up Trumps?

Donald Trump may seem like an improbable ally of harm reduction, but his US administration has done vapers a favour by delaying impending enforcement of a rule finalised last year that imposed strict supervision over e-cigarettes. The government has pressed ‘pause’ on the “deeming rule”, so called after a US law passed in 2009 that

‘Vaping a vote-winner’, say Australians

More than half of Australian adults believe the issue of legalising e-cigarettes to improve public health is important enough to influence how they will vote. New research from the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) shows that 54 percent say the legalisation of e-cigarettes is a potential vote-influencing or even vote-changing issue. A total of

Banning e-cigs ‘counter to WHO charter’

A top tobacco harm reduction expert has warned that an upcoming meeting of the World Health Organization needs to view the issue of e-cigarettes with an open mind. Otherwise, writes Clive Bates in a letter, the November Conference of the Parties to WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control risks producing “excessive and counter-productive regulatory proposals.”

E-cigarettes ‘will save lives’, says top medic

A top Australian doctor and commentator on the e-cigarette-harm reduction issue has weighed in with an unequivocal plea for wider availability of vaping for people who want to quit smoking. In a piece in the influential newspaper The Age, entitled E-cigarettes will save lives and should not be illegal in Australia, Colin Mendelsohn argues powerfully