factasia submission to TGA, Sept 2016

factasia SUBMISSION TO AUSTRALIA’S THERAPEUTIC GOODS ADMINISTRATION, September 2016 In August 2016, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration opened a four-week public consultation in response to a proposed amendment referred for scheduling advice for consideration by the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS). The proposal from the New Nicotine Alliance called for TGA to exempt nicotine from

Australia considers allowing nicotine

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration is considering a request to remove nicotine from its poisons schedule so as to make low concentrations of nicotine available for use in e-cigarettes. A four-week public consultation ended September 1, with TGA receiving many responses from interested parties (click here for factasia‘s submission), vape groups, and individual vapers with touching

UK anti-smoking groups agree: vaping works

In an unprecedented joint statement, 13 major UK health organisations – including Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians – have underlined the role e-cigarettes are playing in reducing smoking in the UK. “We all agree that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking,” said the communique (E-cigarettes: a developing public health consensus.

NZ uni admits e-cigs are healthier

The practice of switching from smoking to using e-cigarettes – vaping – for improved health outcomes has found support from a highly unlikely source in New Zealand: the University of Otago, long regarded as a leading denier of the public health benefit principle involved. Grudgingly, in a blog entitled “What does recent biomarker literature say

No ‘gateway’ – but smokers use e-cigs to quit

The number of people successfully using e-cigarettes to reduce smoking or quit altogether is rising fast in the UK, according to the harm-reduction sector’s senior source, which has also found no evidence at all that non-smokers want to vape. Action on Smoking & Health is the ‘grand-daddy’ of all anti-smoking groups. In its latest fact-sheet,

‘Allow public vaping,’ says PHE

Public Health England, the UK government expert, has said banning e-cigarette use in public could be counter-productive by discouraging tobacco-cigarette smokers from quitting their habit. Rosanna O’Connor, director of drugs, alcohol and tobacco at PHE, told the British Medical Association’s annual meeting in Belfast: “Vaping is not the same as smoking, second-hand smoke is harmful

EU study shows e-cigs help users quit smoking

More than five million adults in the EU have stopped smoking or seriously reduced their cigarette consumption with the help of e-cigarettes, according to research just published in the respected medical journal Addiction. Using data from the Eurobarometer*, scientists from the University of Patras-Greece, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre-Greece and the French National Research Institute for