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Scientists slam extended Singapore ban

Leading figures in tobacco control worldwide have asked the Singapore government to reconsider its June 15 announcement of a “significant extension to its tobacco control programme banning a range of tobacco and nicotine products from December this year.” In an open letter to the city-state’s health minister and the permanent secretary for health, Professor Gerry

Hong Kong enquiry welcomed

There has been a cautious welcome for a plan by Hong Kong’s government to listen to more evidence on e-cigarettes before drafting new legislation that would affect their use and availability in the SAR. factasia.org has learned that the government will conduct a public consultation in July on the issues surrounding so-called ‘vaping’, rather than

Underage smoking ban “needs teeth”

The ruling junta in Thailand has announced it plans to raise the minimum age at which people may buy cigarettes to 20. The Action on Smoking and Health Foundation’s executive secretary Dr Prakit Vateesatokij told the Bangkok Post that “raising the age of buyers will deter youths from smoking due to the increased difficulty of

Japan: repeating bad science?

In the same week that a new scientific study cleared e-cigarettes of producing formaldehyde, reports emerged in Japan that discredited data is still being distributed within the health industry. Mainichi and Kyodo both reported that “a health ministry research group” had found “four of nine e- cigarettes sold in Japan produce vapor with high levels


This is how the market looks in India Percentage adult smokers According to WHO, in 2012 14% of India’s adult population smoked – although many of these used bidis or other variants rather than conventional cigarettes. The statistics show that 25.9% of the adult population used smokeless tobacco variants. LHP status (legality, availability etc) E-cigarettes


This is how the market looks in Indonesia ercentage adult smokers According to WHO’s most recent figures, 34.8% of Indonesians were current smokers in 2012. Over 90% of Indonesian smokers use kretek, a blend of cloves and tobacco. LHP status (legality, availability etc) Officially, e-cigarettes are banned, but authorities seemingly tolerate personal use. taxation Indonesia


This is how the market looks in Vietnam Percentage adult smokers WHO reported male smoking rate at 47.9%, female smoking rate 1.4% for a total of 23.8 current tobacco smokers in its 2013 report on Vietnam. LHP status (legality, availability etc) E-cigarettes are legal but have not been widely adopted domestically Taxation Tobacco products are


This is how the market looks in Thailand Percentage adult smokers WHO estimated that 24% of adult Thais smoked in 2012. These figures, aside from being out of date, are questionable because around 50% of all tobacco consumed in Thailand (primarily in the provinces where home grown tobacco cultivated in defiance of government quotas is