Thais undermine own tax hike

The state monopoly that controls Thailand’s tobacco industry has effectively undermined a recent tax rise on cigarettes by immediately launching a new low-price brand. Associated Press quoted Daonoi Suttiniphapunt, director of Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, as saying the new brand, which will be slightly smaller in diameter than standard brands, would cost about 40 baht (USD1.12)

E-cigs in SA – cup half full

A South Australian Parliamentary inquiry into e-cigarettes, has reported that it currently “knows about the product and its effects on health” – despite “receiving 142 submissions and calling 11 witnesses from a broad range of sectors including business, health, research, hospitality, government and consumers.” Chair of the committee, Annabel Digance MP – an ex-smoker herself

E-cigs “don’t need regulation”, says harm-reduction expert

As the New Zealand government heard some health professionals call for further rises in cigarette taxes as the sole measure to curb the country’s smoking prevalence, one expert has suggested not only that e-cigarettes could be the answer, but that they don’t need regulating. Associate Professor Marewa Glover of Massey University’s Research Centre for Maori

Call for even more tax on cigarettes

New Zealand anti-tobacco groups have suggested government should further hike tax on cigarettes after the January 1 rise of 10 percent signalled the end of a planned four-year programme of punitive rises. The parliamentary finance and expenditure committee was told that further tax hikes should be made in order to curb smoking rates, which remain

Canberra swamped with vaping views

Response to a government discussion paper on changes to the use and sale of e-cigarettes, released last November in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), has been so substantial that an official response will not be made for some time, according to reports in the capital Canberra. The government had been expected to respond early 2016