NZ beats Australia – again

New Zealand will regulate for full retail adult availability of new nicotine products. Bowing to public demand – and acknowledging it as the driver for change – the government is going ahead with legalising vaping despite the proximity of a general election later this year. In a statement, Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner (right) today

Trans-Tasman Report Calls For Life-Saving Reforms To Help Smokers Quit

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, MyChoice Australia and the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union have jointly launched a report calling for the governments on both sides of the Tasman to legalise, and lightly regulate, new technologies to help smokers quit. “The evidence is overwhelming: vaping technologies will save millions of lives” said Lara Jeffery, Director of MyChoice

‘Vaping a vote-winner’, say Australians

More than half of Australian adults believe the issue of legalising e-cigarettes to improve public health is important enough to influence how they will vote. New research from the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) shows that 54 percent say the legalisation of e-cigarettes is a potential vote-influencing or even vote-changing issue. A total of

NZ uni admits e-cigs are healthier

The practice of switching from smoking to using e-cigarettes – vaping – for improved health outcomes has found support from a highly unlikely source in New Zealand: the University of Otago, long regarded as a leading denier of the public health benefit principle involved. Grudgingly, in a blog entitled “What does recent biomarker literature say

NZ tobacco tax hike ‘racist’

A top researcher has called New Zealand’s budget price hike for cigarettes “racist”. Globally respected expert Dr Marewa Glover has been working with Maori people on reducing smoking incidence for more than two decades. She previously supported tax rises on cigarettes as she believed they may help deter smokers, but she now rejects that view.


Governments and public health authorities are corrupt, are lying and are taking part in an elaborate illegal campaign to mislead the public over ways to stop smoking, according to an extraordinary new full-length feature documentary which premiered May 11. At the prestigious DocEdge international documentary film festival in a wet and windy Wellington, an audience