Malaysia to press ahead with e-cigs

The Malaysian government will not be deterred from its stated aim of making e-cigarettes legally available under regulation to consumers throughout the country, according to latest reports. Amid a welter of conflicting rumours circulating in the media, deputy Health Minister Dr Hilmi Yahaya told The Star that the ministry’s decision on the sale of vape

Malaysia decides against vaping ban

The Malaysian government has announced it will not after all ban vaping and e-cigarettes, overturning a previous statement from its health minister. The Sun newspaper reported on October 30: ‘Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob … made the announcement in a Facebook post earlier today. “Good news for vapers, vaper brewers

MALAYSIA: govt ‘will regulate, not ban’

Malaysia’s government says it will introduce regulations to govern the availability and quality of e-cigarettes instead of banning them as originally envisaged, according to local media reports. National Institute of Respiratory Medicine director Datuk Dr Abdul Razak Muttalif told The Star – the nation’s leading daily newspaper – on August 9: “The Health Ministry wants


This is how the market looks in Malaysia Percentage adult smokers The most recent comprehensive survey, published by WHO in 2013, indicated that 23.1% of adult Malaysians smoke. LHP status (legality, availability etc) Ongoing debate as to how e-cigarettes should be regulated has been focused on treating them as pharmaceutical products. However, there are numerous