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This is how the market looks in China Percentage adult smokers According to WHO, 28.1% of China’s adult population were smokers in 2012. LHP status (legality, availability etc) Despite being the world’s leading manufacturer of e-cigarettes, e-liquid is currently illegal. E-cigarettes are however widely available throughout China. taxation According to WHO, taxes account for around

China doubles cigarette tax

China abruptly hiked the tax on cigarettes in the PRC in May, from five to 11 percent, according to media (China doubles tax on cigarettes to stub out smoking). There has been little in the way of official comment, but the SCMP was just one of the media to quote doctors suggesting the rise would

Welcome for SA’s e-cigs plan

Media in South Australia reported recently that a parliamentary committee would be set up to “consider the use, sale and promotion of personal vaporisers, including e-cigarettes.” SA now has an opportunity to lead the debate and produce enlightened and progressive legislation that could not only protect users and non-users of such products but also promote