TV expose spruiks vaping

The contradiction inherent in Australia’s decision to prop up smoking at the expense of new nicotine products was aired on national TV when 60 Minutes looked at the argument between local and international regulation. [for the vaping segment, click here] The Therapeutic Goods Administration recently decided against allowing the use of nicotine for vaping, and

Australia: Senator calls on health minister to ‘do what is right’

Maverick federal senator Cory Bernardi has called on the Department of Health to acknowledge the arguments of harm reduction experts and bow to the need to legalise new nicotine products to save Australian consumers’ lives. He called the department’s views “an extreme and out-of-touch position”. In a speech to parliament in Canberra, Bernardi asked: “Would

Surprise, surprise – TGA rejects reason

Vaping with nicotine remains illegal in Australia. To no-one’s surprise, the country’s secretive and suspected Therapeutic Goods Administration has “finally” rejected an application to legalise nicotine for use in safer alternatives to smoking [click here to see the full decision]. Adult consumers will not be allowed access to new nicotine products despite the mounting evidence Comments on TGA’s interim decision to reject NNA’s application

In August 2016, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration opened a four-week public consultation in response to a proposed amendment referred for scheduling advice for consideration by the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS). The proposal from the New Nicotine Alliance called for TGA to exempt nicotine from Schedule 7 at concentrations of 3.6 per cent or

TGA says ‘no’ to nicotine

The Australian body charged with regulating medicines and related items has rejected a plea to legalise nicotine for use in vaping. Despite a welter of evidence submitted in public consultations last year (three-quarters of the 71 submissions were in favour), the federal Therapeutic Goods Administration rejected the application from New Nicotine Alliance to “exempt nicotine

Trans-Tasman Report Calls For Life-Saving Reforms To Help Smokers Quit

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, MyChoice Australia and the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union have jointly launched a report calling for the governments on both sides of the Tasman to legalise, and lightly regulate, new technologies to help smokers quit. “The evidence is overwhelming: vaping technologies will save millions of lives” said Lara Jeffery, Director of MyChoice

‘Vaping a vote-winner’, say Australians

More than half of Australian adults believe the issue of legalising e-cigarettes to improve public health is important enough to influence how they will vote. New research from the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) shows that 54 percent say the legalisation of e-cigarettes is a potential vote-influencing or even vote-changing issue. A total of