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E-cigs: ‘tremendous opportunity to save lives on a large scale’

A top US toxicologist has added his voice to the argument against prohibition of e-cigarettes pending long-term evidence of their harm-reduction capability. “Can we wait for e-cigarette trials?” asks Thomas Hartung, Doerenkamp-Zbinden professor and chair for evidence-based toxicology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, writing in Chemistry World. Opponents of vaping as a

E-cigs “don’t need regulation”, says harm-reduction expert

As the New Zealand government heard some health professionals call for further rises in cigarette taxes as the sole measure to curb the country’s smoking prevalence, one expert has suggested not only that e-cigarettes could be the answer, but that they don’t need regulating. Associate Professor Marewa Glover of Massey University’s Research Centre for Maori

Plain packs get green light from TPP

The agreement in principle to implement the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact is likely to bring an unwelcome Christmas present for smokers in New Zealand – and possibly other countries. The NZ government is expected to press ahead to introduce plain-packaging legislation for cigarettes, now that TPP has excluded tobacco companies from the Investors

Call for new thinking on e-cig regulation

A leading medical researcher has issued a new call for the global and regional “controversy” surrounding e-cigarettes to be defused and a new regulatory regime to be introduced that would enable them to become the smoking-cessation aid they were designed to be. “The approach to regulation should be proportionate, realistic, and with the purpose of