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factasia.org is all about consumer choice. We advocate rational debate about – and sensible regulation of – the rights of adult citizens throughout Asia to choose to use nicotine related products.

factasia.org is an independent, not-for-profit, consumer-oriented advocacy. We do not promote smoking or the use of nicotine, and we oppose all under-age use of any product containing nicotine.

More than half a billion adults throughout Asia use these products. They deserve a say in whether they should be able to continue to do so, and whether they can choose alternatives that may be a lot less harmful.
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But in most countries, governments continue to tax cigarettes in punitive fashion while banning things like e-cigarettes, often without reference to science, experts, voters or common sense.
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E-cigarettes and many other “alternative nicotine delivery systems” (devices that do not burn tobacco and therefore do not produce either tar or particulates) that could be a much less harmful alternative if properly regulated are legal in only a few countries, denying consumers the choice to opt for these new technologies.
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Whatever your position, we hope you’ll learn more here about the issues. Take a look round and visit the pages devoted to each major market across Asia. Contact Us for more information or to put your point across. And if you agree that consumer choice and sensible regulations make for a better society, click below to


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…. we do not promote smoking or the use of nicotine ….

…. we oppose all under-age use of cigarettes or any other product containing nicotine ….